Anthony Bourdain Q&A

Local Connections Halifax

I chat with Bourdain on global food flare, his love of film and the tenacity it takes to be a professional chef.

Q&A with Vikram Vij

Eat North Magazine

The chef, author, sommelier and the effervescent co-owner of Vij’s Restaurant, on his astounding success.

Bill Pullman Q&A

Eat North Magazine

The accomplished actor talks about his appearance at Devour!, his love affair with exotic fruits and living off the land.

Susur Lee Q&A

Eat North Magazine

I chat with Lee on his hidden burger skills, his new restaurant with the one and only Drake, and what it takes to be a success.

Culinary Charlottetown

Luxe Beat Magazine

Being on the Atlantic assures any visitor that the seafood will be a fresh, but finding the best in town can be tricky.

Winnipeg's Feast

Eat North Magazine

With an inspired mix of the traditional and contemporary, Feast Café and Bistro brings modern First Nations food to Winnipeg.

Belfast: Eat & Listen

Soar Magazine

Over the past few years Belfast has reinvented its relationship with food, resulting in a dynamic culinary scene.

Oktoberfest in Frankfurt

Local Connections Halifax

Germany boasts roughly fifteen-hundred varieties of sausage - not a small culinary feat by any means.

Wineries of Nova Scotia

The Winerist

Nova Scotia's bucolic Annapolis Valley, located an hour from Halifax, is Canada's up-and-coming wine destination.

Maritime Libations

Travel Life Magazine

Visitors to Nova Scotia can explore a wide variety of beers, wine and spirits, paring them with tasty foods a long the way.

The Japanese Diet

Optimyz Magazine

Food For Thought: How the traditional Japanese diet is linked to longevity and better overall health.

The Good Cheer Trail

WestJet Magazine

The trail is the first of its kind in Canada, offering a taste of more than 35 wines, beers and spirits, all made in Nova Scotia.

Paris's Sweet Indulgences

Soar Magazine

Throughout Paris, the smell of sweetness wafts through the historic streets, tantalizing your palate at every turn.

Dartmouth's Revival

WestJet Magazine

In the midst of a revival, Dartmouth’s once-gritty core is now bustling with independent stores and cafés.

Mark Critch

Mark Critch Q&A

Eat North Magazine

Comedian, 22 Minutes star and proud Newfoundlander Mark Critch dishes on the St. John’s food scene.

Dining Out in Glasgow

Travel Life Magazine

Merchant City is one of the best parts of the city to enjoy fabulous food, an experiential brewery and the friendly Glaswegian spirit.